DAY 1 on Flatiron

Posted by stevengalvis on December 21, 2016

There is a right and a wrong way to learn how to code. This is a brief story of what not to do. I first wanted to get into SEO because of my marketing background. Then I heard to be good at SEO you need to know HTML so I picked up HTML. I thought it was boring and thought hey making Apps looks cool so I ended up learning a little bit of Android and then Objective-C.

I dabbled with a few other technolgies and never stuck with anything for longer than 6 months. Coding was hard but I was going about it the wrong way. Here is what my journey has looked like so far

  1. SEO
  3. Started Android course on coursera creating playful apps(none coding but still hard) 4.Objective-C BNR was way too hard for beginner 5.Treehouse(HTML/CSS) did not finish intro got bored 6.Java(For Dummies started and gave up after 3rd chapter) 7.Swift(ThinkFul) wasted 1k big fail 8.Java For Dummies(Finished) 9.Beginning Java Objects 1/4th of way (890 page book) 10.Android App development intro on Udacity- finished
  4. Java Treehouse almost finished halfway through Java Data structures
  5. Java Code Academy-Completed
  6. Android Sunshine App course(Mobile App) gave up when backend coding kicked in
  7. Big Nerd Ranch Android.. did not complete did 5 chapters
  8. Head First Android DNF- gave up at Fragment section //Javascript and Treehouse/Front-End Masters/Big NR 16.Back to Treehouse Front-End track almost done 17.Front End Maters JS crash course 18.Big Nerd Ranch Front-End Book
  9. Signed up for Flatiron Communuty Driven Bootcamp

It was fun to explore programming languages and different dev tools but now I’m ready to become a full stack developer.